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(Now Irwindale Event Center)
500 Speedway Drive / Irwindale, CA 91706

get directions to El Camino at the Irwindale Raceway

If you would like to support and sponsor a single trophy
or an entire show class,
please contact Marshall at C.C.E. for more information.

OC Powerstand - Motorcycle Stand

"Hagerty's Choice" awards at El Camino

Classic Cycle Events would like to extend our thanks to Nick Dounias with Hagerty's Insurance for sponsoring their own "Hagerty's Choice" awards at El Camino this year. There will be trophies for 1st. & 2nd. and a great gift for 3rd. They did this at Hanford this year, and it really added more fun to the show.

Nick has an interest in Indian Motorcycles, and builds fine examples. His award winning selections could be for any year, make or model though. His knowledge and good eye will truly make this a " Hagerty's Choice.

El Camino motorcycle show entrants receive a free event pin, event poster and Classic Cycle Events Souvenir

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