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Marshall Baker

About Us...

An introduction is in order. My name is Marshall Baker. Most of you who attend Hanford and El Camino will recognize me, but the accompanying photo should put a face with the name.

I'm like  all of you with a passion.  I find two wheels are more fun than four, or a classic old motorcycle is better than money in the bank because it seems you can't have both.  For me, that one moment in a person's life that changes you forever was when I got a 1964 CL250 Honda. That summer of 1966 was a life altering experience that I haven't outgrown or grown tired of some forty years later.

Buying a business, marrying a very understanding woman and helping to raise a beautiful daughter has changed my two wheel directions more than once. From basic transportation to hopes of off-road glory and all that life throws at you a motorcycle has always been my therapy. Over the years I've found myself giving homes to all the orphans: Ariel, Ossa, Triumph, Bultaco, and Bridgestone to name a few.  Just maintaining and repairing these brands brought me to that most holiest of all events, the swap meet. Not just any old drive-in theater swap but Tulare, then Hanford and of course, El Camino swap meet, the Holy Grail of gearheads.
Deni and Glenn Bator, with the help of other like-minded souls elevated both meets to where they are now. But like all good things, they have decided after nine years to try something else. As you've heard the J. Woods Auction has now become Bator Auctions. We know they will be just fine as they are both hard workers and great promoters.

Now here's the problem. Where will we spend the third Saturday in May and September if there isn't a Hanford or El Camino meet? That's where I come in. It seems that with a great bunch of people the Bator's have assembled, we've decided that I should try to carry on the swap meet banner.  At least it gives us two weekends a year where we can gather to buy, sell, swap, show, wish and drool over what we all seem to be consumed by "the two-wheel nirvana".

I really would like your thoughts and suggestions as to how to make the meets even better. Your suggestions and comments on-line or by mail would be greatly appreciated. Most of the old faces will be there helping and some new ones too. So how about it, will I see you at Hanford and El Camino this year? Let's keep the best cycle meets tradition going. Let's all hope great weather gives us another great season of "Classic Cycle Events" to remember.  Hope to see you there.

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